Ebay Tips - no 1 - raising your score

To get started succesfully on eBay as a seller you need to raise your score. Your score is mesured by the percentage of positive feedback you have received and by the number of feedbacks youve got.

The best way to increase your score is to search for 1 cent auctions, preferably with free shipping.

If you manage to buy 50 items at lets say 10 cents you will spend 5 dollars and you will jump directly to the third level of eBay score.

Another thing you can do is sell post your own items at 1 cent. Anything will do - a picture, an eBook you have written or any other thing youve got at home. In this process though just remember you will have to pay at least 15 cents of eBay fees, and 33 or so of paypal fees, if you choose to be paied this way, which I completely recomend.

Marsha Collier has written a number of very nice books for those who are just geting started on eBay. I would also recommend Steve Webers eBay 101 - selling on eBay for Part Time or Full Time Income ..

As usual here goes THE LINK!

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