Ebay Tips - no 1 - raising your score

To get started succesfully on eBay as a seller you need to raise your score. Your score is mesured by the percentage of positive feedback you have received and by the number of feedbacks youve got.

The best way to increase your score is to search for 1 cent auctions, preferably with free shipping.

If you manage to buy 50 items at lets say 10 cents you will spend 5 dollars and you will jump directly to the third level of eBay score.

Another thing you can do is sell post your own items at 1 cent. Anything will do - a picture, an eBook you have written or any other thing youve got at home. In this process though just remember you will have to pay at least 15 cents of eBay fees, and 33 or so of paypal fees, if you choose to be paied this way, which I completely recomend.

Marsha Collier has written a number of very nice books for those who are just geting started on eBay. I would also recommend Steve Webers eBay 101 - selling on eBay for Part Time or Full Time Income ..

As usual here goes THE LINK!


Sudden Infant Death Syndrom - help out with couple of cents!

This information was sent to me by Ricki and Donna, mothers of CJ and Julie, two babies who have died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrom. I am not the author of a word of this post from this paragraph on, but I invited Mrs. Ricki to use my blog to let my readers know a little bit more about their initiative. Though my blog is obviously not the best means to process this information, I feel all of you desperately searching to find a breach of fresh air in your life by searching ways of making money easy and free things will find it rather easier to give these people their own opportunity ot breath by colloborating with couple of cents. It wont hurt you, and it may save an endless number of lives...

CJ Escalante, only 10 weeks old, died May 9th, 2008.
Julie Wyant, only 5 weeks old, died June 2nd, 2006.

Why? SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It takes the lives of nearly 3,800 babies a year. There is no known cause for it, but research is currently being done all over the world to find a cause...and to find a way to stop it from happening. 

In CJ & Julie's memory, mothers Ricki and Donna are taking action by organizing an all day walk-a-thon event, including breakfast, tshirts, games, bands, and so much more. All funds raised from the event will go to the most recognized foundation for SIDS in the country who grants funds to medical research, the CJ Foundation for SIDS.
May 15, 2010 - Duncan Park Amphitheater, Spartanburg, SC registration begins at 8:30am and Music starts at 9am!
Donations in any increment can be made by cash, check, credit/debit, or paypal.

Please email cjandjulie@gmail.com to set up your tax-deductible donation, no matter how small every penny counts or to pre-register for the event!

for more info check the event up HERE http://greenville.kijiji.com/m/ViewLargeImage?adid=1969773


Little Bid Tasty

What the hell is Little Bid Tasty?!

This little auction site is strange as hell, since you 1st, dont buy and item but the right to buy and item and 2nd, because you win if you have the lowest single bid.

What is this supposed to mean?

Suppose you want to win this apple iphone 3gs. You have to make a bet on how much your willing to give for it in reverse.

Usually the lowest bid would be 1cent of dollar. But since everybody else will have thought about that then you have a problem cause you have to figure out where the low big should be.

However, from the moment you bid, you know if your big is the lowest, or the lowest and unique and you can track it down to the last minute.

Here is an ilustration provided by the website on how the system works. Here you can see that though 0.04 is unique it is not the lowest bid, and though 0.01 is the lowest it is not a single unique bid, so 0.02, being unique and the lowest is the winner.

In this case you buy the item for 2 cents...

Now as usual, recommendations.


This site seems to have everything going on within the law :P. If you find a good system and are the type to follow things to the end you might as well buy some stuff for couple of cents.


Choose wisely what to bid in, dont bid over the value of what you want and most of all, know when to stop.
Since there are bids to win points to bid, and I know this sounds redundant but most of these websites are, there may be one or two sharks who will have the power to make some 100 bids. That is why it is advisable to bid on the seemengly less atractive objects and specially to drop the bidding if you think somebodys bidding like crazy.

If you think of trying this out, which I did to check out the freebies program, then I would advise to try with a small amount first and see how it goes. Freebiejeebies does have some other ways of enroling the program.

Ah yes, the LINK


Disclaimer - as usual none of these sites presented are related to this blog in any way. You are presented with facts and figures and it is understood that all readers are aware of the circumstance in which these recommendations are posted. Though I am not responsible for your actions I advise you to stay out of any bidding site of any kind if you are shop adict, gambling adict or so furth. This includes this little bid whatsoever , ebay and etc.

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